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Stop Traffic in Its Tracks With Trade Show Magician
Paul Gertner

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Studies show that you have only three seconds to catch the attention of prospects walking by your trade show booth.

Do you have a plan to stop them?

OR will you simply watch them walk right by your booth and over to your competition?

Before you can SELL to prospects at a trade show, you have to STOP them. And no one stops a crowd like trade show magician Paul Gertner.


Twice an hour Paul will attract 50-200 people to your exhibit. He’ll hold their attention as he seamlessly weaves a solid sales message about your products and services into an entertaining 12-15 minute presentation. He’ll then turn this happy and engaged crowd over to your sales representatives so they can take the sale to the next step.


Paul Gertner pion
You’ll maximize your trade show investment by:

  • Increasing your visibility and creating “buzz”
  • Generating leads
  • Helping close more sales




Most clients find they will double and even triple the number of sales leads they get with Paul Gertner in their exhibit.


Paul Gertner pioneered the concept of “trade show magic. ”He has stopped trade show traffic for over 1000+ clients, in 25 countries, for more than 35 years. Companies such as Pitney Bowes, Konica, Westinghouse, Johnson & Johnson and IBM have used trade show magician Paul Gertner to attract a crowd and deliver their corporate message. Almost 80% of clients become repeat customers—some for 30+ years in a row.

In fact… we’re so sure Paul will help you stop the crowd, deliver your message, and get the leads that We Guarantee It.


Client Testimonials

“As usual you filled our exhibit to capacity with potential customers at each performance for a total of 875 leads!”

– Pitney Bowes

“WOW! What can I say… 1,725 sales leads in three days! Paul, you did it again!”

– Hart Communication Foundation

“Having you perform at our booth allowed us to generate 50% more leads than our largest competitor at the show! … Of the hundreds of booth visitors we have contacted since the conference ended, all of them remember us because of you and your sleight-of-hand magic and sales skills.”

– ENCO Pharmaceutical Development, Inc.

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