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What’s the Trick to Fooling Penn & Teller?

Fooling Penn & Teller: Part One One of the hottest shows this summer has been Penn & Teller: Fool US, which is now in its third season on the CW Network. I had the pleasure of appearing on the show this season. I was assigned the task of fooling Penn & Teller…with a trick they already […]

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Making Your Best even Better

Can you make your BEST even BETTER? The answer might surprise you. Have you ever read a great book or seen an amazing movie that made you think “The author or director might as well retire now because they will never top this”? And then a few years later they have another bestseller or Academy […]

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“There’s Something Under That Cup!”

How to Handle the Magic YouTube Know-it-All We have all experienced it… the spectator in the audience who watched a few Magic How To Videos on YouTube and armed with that knowledge is about to make your life miserable.  He is waiting for just the right moment to pounce… “You have an extra coin in […]

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Using Magic in your Real Job

Yes!  You LOVE Magic… But is Making the Decision to become a Professional Magician the right choice for YOU? Arthur Benjamin, Ph.D We all know of magicians who have decided to turn professional that have become successful… some more than others.  But can you name some magicians who have become MORE successful by choosing NOT […]

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Best Advice from a Magical Mentor

Magicians Only:  What was the best advice you ever received from another magician about magic or life in general? Following up on my Blog Post from last week about magical mentors, we saw a lot of  names of great magicians that we learned from or would have liked to learn from. So I’m curious what […]

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Now You See It… and Now You Don’t… Lost and NOT Found!

Magicians Only.  What was the most expensive magic prop you lost and how did you lose it? Today I put my Extreme Burn setup ($20’s to $100’s) inside my right pants pocket.  When I was taking my car keys out of that same pocket I accidentally pulled one of the twenties out and it fluttered […]

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Magical Mentors

Here is a question for Magicians Only.  If you could have three magicians of the past watch your performance… and critique it.   What three Magical Mentors of the past would YOU like to get advice from… and why? For me it would be Nate Leipzig, Max Malini and Eddie Fechter.  Leipzig, because of what I […]

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Trade Show Messaging that Makes them STOP!

Trade Show Messaging must be delivered with the customer in mind. How many times have you watched a live presenter at a trade show drone on and on about how great their company is? How big their company is? How many customers they have?   Tell me… how long did you stick around watching that presentation? […]

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Trade Show Opening Lines

Just like an actor in a Broadway show your Trade Show Opening Lines should be rehearsed and ready to go. Everyone staffing your booth should have one or two trade show opening lines that they have ready to use to engage a visitor to the booth. The best trade show opening lines are questions that […]

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Trade Show Magician Tip for a SLOW Traffic Day

How a Trade Show Magician can Attract Huge Crowds on the last day of the show.   Ever have one of those S-L-O-W traffic days, like the last day of the show. As a trade show magician we all do! It’s sometimes hard to motivate yourself when the aisles of the exhibit hall are empty […]

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