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Trade Show Messaging that Makes them STOP!

Paul Gertner in the Siemens Exhibit

Corporate Magician Paul Gertner in the Siemens Exhibit.

Trade Show Messaging must be delivered with the customer in mind.

How many times have you watched a live presenter at a trade show drone on and on about how great their company is? How big their company is? How many customers they have?   Tell me… how long did you stick around watching that presentation? Not long, chances are you walked away before the presentation was over.  Why?  Because they were not speaking TO you they were speaking AT you.  And everything you were hearing was all about them… you were not hearing was anything that related to you and your problems.

Many studies have shown that at trade shows you only have a few seconds to hook the audience as they pass by your exhibit… and you had better be using the right bait. It’s not about YOU it’s about THEM and how you can solve their problems.

In those few seconds you better let them know you understand their concerns and you feel their pain. You need to let them know that you can save them time, you can make them more efficient or you can save them money… It’s all about WHAT YOU CAN DO FOR THEM!

It’s all about your  Trade Show Messaging.

The KEY to successful trade show messaging is to give them just enough information so that the attendee begins to think: “How will you do that for me?” If you can plant that question in their mind the next thing that happens is very predictable…. They will stay until the presentation is over, they will step into your exhibit and they will begin a meaningful conversation with your sales representative about your company’s solutions. And in the end isn’t that what we all go to trade shows for… meaningful conversations with new prospects on the trade show floor.  Attention to your Trade Show Messaging makes all the difference.

Paul Gertner is nationally recognized speaker and corporate magician, whose honors include multiple Tonight Show appearances, performing at a presidential inauguration, and winning three international competitions. He can be hired as a trade show magician or keynote presenter. For more information, visit


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