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Trade Show Magician Tip for a SLOW Traffic Day

How a Trade Show Magician can Attract Huge Crowds on the last day of the show.

Trade Show Magician Paul Gertner at a Trade Show

Trade Show Magician Paul Gertner Attracts a Crowd on the last day of the show


Ever have one of those S-L-O-W traffic days, like the last day of the show. As a trade show magician we all do! It’s sometimes hard to motivate yourself when the aisles of the exhibit hall are empty and you were hired to draw a crowd. Here’s a great trick. Go to one of the company people or better yet the person that hired you and say: “It’s really dead right now.” They will agree. Then say: “OK, it’s 2:30…how many people do you think I can have watching the show by… 3:00?”  They will probably answer: “If you could get 5 people to stop I’d be impressed…it’s really dead.”  You then say: OK, 5 people by 3:00 that’s the goal.” Then grab one of the sales reps and start a show with them as the shill. And really work it!  You will have to do a much longer show than normal maybe 20-25 minutes…but you will have 40-50 people by 3:00 and a reputation as a trade show magician who is able to build a crowd even in a totally dead exhibit hall.
The SECRET. On the last day of the show anyone walking the show floor has nowhere to go and this works to advantage of the trade show magician. They have already visited all the exhibits they HAD to see, and they are just wandering around, and they are much more willing to STOP.  It might take a little longer for them to find you but an exhibit with ACTION of any kind can ATTRACT A BIG CROWD on a slow show day. Try it, it really works… it makes you look good… and it reinforces in the mind of the client, on that critical last day (which is when they decide if they should have you back next year) that hiring you was a very smart marketing idea.


Paul Gertner is nationally recognized speaker and corporate magician, whose honors include multiple Tonight Show appearances, performing at a presidential inauguration, and winning three international competitions. He can be hired as a trade show magician or keynote presenter. For more information, visit


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