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Trade Show Displays that are Memorable

Trade Show Displays-Paul GertnerThe key to successful trade show displays can be measured one week after the show…when your sales force begins to follow up on your trade show leads. Your exhibit was a success if your sales representatives consistently get the response “Oh, yes I remember your exhibit!”  But that does not always happen.

You spent tens of thousands of dollars to go to the show. You built a great looking booth. You generated hundreds of sales leads. How come they don’t even remember you were there at the show?

Walk through trade show displays in any industry and you will notice an interesting phenomena… 95% of the exhibits all look the same. Sure the products are different and the messages are different but they are all being delivered in the exact same way: nice graphics, slick videos, products on display, a sales team in matching shirts and perhaps company presenter with a PowerPoint who is doing presentations for 2 or 3 people who sat down to get the free T-Shirt. There must be a better way, and there is.

Think of some trade show displays that really stood out to you?  The ones that you remember were NOT doing what everyone else was doing.  The ones you remember are the ones that were Fun, Meaningful and Memorable. They were exhibits that had a crazy theme, an innovative bold design, a unique contest, an innovative product display, a trade show magician, or a celebrity spokesperson. The exhibits you remember were doing something Fun, Meaningful and Memorable and then they related it to their product or service and they generate both leads and bottom line profits that management expects.

Next week on the The Paul Gertner Group Blog I’ll take a closer look at current trends in the trade show field that will add Fun, Meaning and Memorability to your next trade show exhibit. Need ideas Today, check out

Paul Gertner is nationally recognized speaker and corporate magician, whose honors include multiple Tonight Show appearances, performing at a presidential inauguration, and winning three international competitions. He can be hired as a trade show magician or keynote presenter. For more information, visit


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